March Favorites


It was the fastest month of my life you guys. Like how is it already April 4th?!?! Not that I'm complaining because it feels great to officially be in the decline of the semester. And March really was a great month in terms of travel and friends... not so much in how much I had to work. But I digress...
This past Thursday I headed down to Baltimore to present my senior thesis at the Eastern Communications Association Undergraduate Scholars Conference (now that is a mouthful). It was really fun and I loved exploring Baltimore with some of the classmates from my school. The city is super quaint (compared to New York) and reminded me a lot of Boston. And listening to other undergraduates from across the country share their research was very uplifting for me. I think I struggle in school sometimes because some people just don't value the education they are receiving. It makes me really sad to hear of people who don't study, don't read, or don't even try. I know I'm very close to finishing my own path of education but I think learning is life long. And to be around so many other people my age who have the same passion is really refreshing.
But now I am officially back on my typical school routine which is nice and I have a lot of fun things planned this month so it makes it go so much faster!
Now to get into the things I was loving in March!


I am loving the Myths and Legends Podcast available on the Iphone Podcast App. I have always loved mythology (especially greek) and I can literally sit on the subway and completely lose track of time just listening to all the different stories and characters. I highly recommend checking it out!
Music: I have recently discovered a few new songs I wanted to share with you guys: Past Lives by Børns as well as their song Electric Love. Also iT by Christine and the Queens. If you haven't heard these yet you'll be listening to them on repeat for sure. 
TV: This month saw the return of Girls (something that can always be either really good or horribly horribly bad). Luckily this season has been surprising really good. I also caught up with my favorite guilty pleasure show - Once Upon a Time. I got really sidetracked and stopped watching like half way through last season so I'm happy to be up to date on that!

That's pretty much the things I loved the most this month and I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what some of your favorite things were this month in the comments :) xoxo Sam

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