10 minutes to boarding


As I'm in sitting in the JFK terminal the reality is sinking in. 9 months away from the city and the people that I love so much. Sure it's not always pretty and it's definitely not always fun but there are moments ( like sitting on a huge rock in van cordtlant park at midnight) that breath life back into your lungs. I remember a few months back I hated the city. I hated the people. And I hated school. After realizing that it wasn't the city or the people or the school I really tried to remember my 17 year old self that cried and pleaded with her mother to let her move across the country to a city that held all the possibilities to a perfect life. Obviously... It wasn't perfect. But as I was walking block after block last night saying goodbye to the buildings and the streets that have shaped who I am I felt it again.

HOWEVER I love change and new experiences and it's not goodbye forever it's I'll see you soon! Next stop España

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