February Update


I feel absolutely terrible about the lack of blog posts I have made in the past few months. I come on blogger everyday and yet I always find an excuse not to write anything. I think it is because of the pressure to catch everyone up on what has been happening because there is just SO MUCH!

Well back in November (way back in November) I signed on to be a model with MSA in Manhattan!
To say I was excited was an understatement. However with finals and winter break I kind of lost that excitement and went into full blown panic mode. Me a model? not possible. However after recovering at home for 6 weeks I was beyond ready to come back to New York and start my new semester!

Also on the agenda for this year… studying abroad!!! For the fall semester of my junior year I am going to be studying abroad in España with my sister and best friend! I can hardly contain my excitement and I have literally been counting down the days to fall semester since we decided we are going. 

An update is school I guess is necessary as well! However, with all the snow storms we have been having… I feel like I am still trying to get back into a routine. It is BEYOND frustrating and now they are in talks of adding another week to the semester which in all honesty doesn't sound too bad! I want to get my moneys worth right? 

I think that is it for catching up! Now for the day to day updates. Next tuesday I have my first test shoot with Maria Postigo. It is still really crazy and surreal that I am even thinking about pursuing modeling  but I figure I should never limit myself because of fear. Here are two of the items I will be wearing to the shoot:

gap.com has some really great deals right now. To say I am obsessed with the dress is an huge understatement. After binge watching House of Cards I was looking for anything that had a neutral pallet and was a classic cut! 

Until next time (which is hopefully sooner rather than later)

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  1. I love that dress, and congratulations on signing with MSA!!