New York Film Festival Screens "The Chase"


So my school has a club called the Film Society and last year I joined it and didn't really know what to expect. Well generally what they do is we screen a movie (usually one from the 20th century) and then have a discussion about it. I am a huge film buff so anything that involves movies and talking about the underlying meanings or metaphors is honestly my favorite. 
Well yesterday my roommate and I went to the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center for the screening of a movie called "The Chase."(originally it was supposed to be a field trip with the film society but of course everyone backed out.)
Written in 1946 it is the sort of classic film noir, but was also extremely funny. To say Cassandre and I were the youngest demographic in there would be an understatement. I'm pretty sure everyone there had seen the film the year it was released. 
But we had a great time and it truly felt like I was swept back in time while watching this movie and it was a great escape from the chaos of midterms for awhile!

here is a little snippet from the movie! 

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