The 19th year.


Well I am now officially 19 and am in my last year as a teenager. How frightening.... Although I couldn't be home for my birthday, I had an amazing time here with my friends. Two of my classes were canceled and my last was cut short so I took that as my gift from God.
To begin the night, my friends and I went to central park and walked around for awhile because it was such a perfect day. Then we went to my favorite restaurant ever YUM YUM! It was a wonderful meal filled with many laughs and I couldn't have had a more perfect way of celebrating. Then we walked to Magnolia bakery and got a cupcake. They surprised me with a candle and we went and sat at Rockefeller Center and they embarrassed me by singing the Happy Birthday song as loud as they could.
The next day we decided to be adventurous and go to Coney Island. As soon as I stepped foot on the beach I felt completely satisfied and surprisingly it cured some of my homesickness. While two of my friends went and rode the rides at the carnival that is on the pier, my friends Coline, Cassandre, and I went and got a manicure and pedicure. After a long day we came back the dorms and watched Mamma Mia.
With all the stress of finals and preparing to come home, it was amazing to have my friends take time out of their day to celebrate with me. I am excited to come home and am counting down the minutes, but to have such fantastic friends here makes it a lot easier.
Now its just 363 more days until I am twenty!!!

Some pictures from the last two days :)

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