CPK and David from Brooklyn


After a long week (and when I say long I mean about 3 melt downs and 2 midterms long), my friends and I decided to go and indulge ourselves in some city life. For about two weeks my friend Christine had been talking about how much she loved the bread from California Pizza Kitchen. We scouted out one down on park avenue and three subway trains later we arrived! To say we were excited for the food is an understatement. After two weeks of nothing but cafeteria food, my stomach was screaming for something edible. 
Christine likes to make friends everywhere she goes. She is immediately enthralled with our waiter David and even buys an awful drink just because he told her he liked it. We talked to him for about 15 minutes and end up getting his entire life story. We, being the immature teenagers we are, tell her to leave her number on the receipt. And much to our amusement she does. 
After we sprint out of the restaurant we decide that we absolutely cannot go back to campus without getting frozen yogurt. After walking a few blocks we find this place with the most intense selection of toppings I have ever seen. It was so disorienting to see so many options that it took as all about twenty minutes to decide. 
To end the night we all went back to the dorms and watched a movie
It is nights like these that I realize that everyone needs to take a day (or night) to indulge in all the sweet things life can offer. 

(in the top picture is me and my roommate Coline/ the bottom is the note left on the receipt) 

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