The loveliness of loving all things Christmas-themed can be extremely overwhelming at times. I go into serious envy mode whenever I see someone else with anything I feel I need for the season.

One specific company I lust over is, of course, LUSH. My word, they know what their mission statement is in this world. I have never once had a bad experience, in the store or with a product. That kind of consistency is extremely difficult to maintain and I greatly appreciate their hard work.

As I love all their products all year long I, naturally, am drawn to this perfect shop the minute I catch a whiff of any Christmas scented beauty. Sadly I no longer have a bath - actually sob if I think about it too hard - so bath bombs are not something I forsee myself buying in the near future. Although I have been tempted to rent a hotel room just so I can away my troubles for a few hours.

When I went into the store to take a quick peak at the new loot I immediately locked eyes with my old friend, Snow Fairy. That gorgeous pink treat that I know I'm gonna see again year after year. I'm not sure if it's the perfect color or overwhelming scent of bubble gum but all I want is to have it in my life even if only for a month. 

But there is sooo much more than Snow Fairy out there my friends. And here are my top "Want List" items from the incredible selection out in stores now!

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar

Santa's Christmas Shower Cream

Christingle Naked Body Conditioner

Butterbear Wash Card

Santa Baby Lip Tint

It's Christmas Deer Knot-Wrap

I'm so excited to try out the Naked Shower Gel I bought and I also love that it helps the environment by reducing plastic waste. Also, if you have already tried any of the above let me know! I am dying to try them!

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